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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floor coatings are hard wearing and durable solutions for both commercial and industrial flooring. These floor coatings can be applied over concrete floors to provide a high performance, attractive surface. At Advanced Environmental Services, our epoxy flooring experts have experience installing epoxy floor coatings for a variety of commercial and industrial buildings including in industrial manufacturing plants, commercial facilities, warehouses, pharmaceutical manufacturing buildings, laboratories, and more.

If you are interested in our epoxy floor coating services for your building, please feel free to contact us to learn more about the benefits this flooring solution can offer you.

Epoxy Floor Coating Advantages

Using an epoxy floor coating over your concrete floors will create a high gloss, hard wearing, and durable surface. These floor coatings offer a number of benefits and advantages from the initial installation stages to the long-term maintenance steps. For example, epoxy floor coatings are quick to install and are durable and easy to clean. Because of the many advantages that epoxy floor paint offers, this is an ideal flooring solution for many types of situations.

The following are some of the main advantages associated with choosing an epoxy floor coating for your commercial or industrial building.

Your new epoxy floor coating will:

  • Create an easy to clean, seamless surface: Our epoxy floor coating products dry to become durable, seamless surfaces that can easily be wiped free of dirt, dust, and debris. Because of this ability for easy cleaning, our epoxy floor coating services are ideal for food, beverage, and pharmaceutical preparation and packaging plants.
  • Result in a hard wearing and durable surface: Our epoxy floor coating products turn concrete floors into a seamless and durable, high performance surface that will last for years to come.
  • Provide an attractive flooring surface: Our epoxy floor coatings dry to a high gloss shine and are available in a variety of different colours and styles. You can chose to use one solid colour or create a decorative pattern using several colours in order to create an attractive and durable flooring solution.
  • Become a chemically resistant surface: Epoxy floor coatings are a chemically resistant flooring option for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial plants.
  • Improve safety: Our epoxy floor coating products can improve safety by creating a slip, impact, heat, and fire resistant flooring solution. These high gloss floor coatings can also improve brightness in a work area by 300%.
  • Allow for designated traffic and work zones: We can use different colours of our epoxy floor coating products simultaneously to define safety zones, forklift traffic zones, and other work zones.
  • Increase productivity capabilities: Using epoxy floor coatings in a factory, warehouse, or industrial plant can reduce wear on transport vehicles, allow for faster material movement, and prevent wear and damage to the floor.
  • Offer an environmentally friendly flooring solution: Epoxy floor coatings are an environmentally friendly flooring solution for companies interested in choosing “green” alternatives and building materials.
  • Allow for quick and easy application: Our epoxy floor coatings are self levelling products. This allows our experienced professionals to apply an epoxy floor coating quickly over any new or old concrete floors.
Learn About our Epoxy Floor Coating Services
If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of choosing epoxy floor coatings for your industrial, commercial, factory, or laboratory flooring solution, please feel free to contact us. We can work with you to explain the advantages of using epoxy floor coating products and offer colour and pattern solutions unique to your business. You will find that our epoxy floor paint application services can create a long lasting, hard wearing, and durable surface for your commercial or industrial floors.
Benefits of Epoxy Flooring:
• Reduces light consumption
• Easy to clean
• Builds heathy & clean workplaces for employees
• Enhances life of floors
• Controls dusting of concrete
• Anti-static grade available
• Abrasion resistant

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